All About Owens Corning shingles


Give your house proper protection

We as a whole heard the adage: ‘My home is my castle.’ It implies that our house is where we feel good and safe. Be that as it may, solace and security don’t accompany houses as a matter of course. A rooftop is one of the most significant pieces of any house which gives spread and security from different climate conditions. To ensure it can withstand even the nastiest climates, it’s critical to utilize quality and tough materials. 

Owens Corning roofing materials have been in the structure business for many years. These days, it is America’s driving material brand. Its shingles and material frameworks have been utilized and trusted by numerous contractual workers. Right now, I might want to survey Owens Corning Duration shingles which are offered in different hues and styles. Call your local Kyle roofing company today and have a colossal choice of hues and styles for you to look over for rooftop establishments and be introduced to metal material, blazing and vents. 

The shingles are detailed to give more prominent measurement and complexity to any rooftop. Attributable to the utilization of shadowing and mainstream granule hues Duration shingles offer a one of a kind and sensational impact. The restrictive blend of profundity and shading makes them like no other. These Owens Corning shingles are accessible in different hues with enthusiastic complexity and supplementing shadow lines guaranteeing more noteworthy measurement. 


Owens Corning Duration shingles guarantee bundle includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty, Algae Resistance Limited Warranty, and/‡‡ 130-MPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty. Alongside noteworthy guarantee inclusion and exceptional control requests, TruDefinition Duration shingles offer amazing execution of protected SureNail® Technology which has become a genuine achievement in the material. It offers the accompanying advantages: 

  • imaginative structure highlighting woven built strengthened texture permitting quick and steady establishment; 
  • triple-layer assurance; 
  • predominant attachment guaranteed by Tru-Bond®‡ sealant that firmly holds to the built texture; 
  • great glue power gave by wide cement groups that keep shingle layers covered together; 
  • incredible breeze obstruction with just four nails.


Owens Corning shingles come in numerous surfaces and hues, just as levels of quality. They are typically evaluated by their presentation under shifting conditions. The guarantees begin with 5 years and go up to 50. Wind obstruction begins with 60 MPH and goes up to 130 MPH. 

Probably the most famous engineering lines are standard Duration and Designer shingles highlighting a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 130 MPH Wind Resistance, TruDefinition Color, and SuperNail Technology. Length shingles have strong hues and profound differences. Creator shingles line offers serious, lively hues and high complexities. Joined with the SureNail innovation they give selective sturdiness and extraordinary stylish look. 

Another mainstream and spending alternative is the Oakridge line. These are design shingles with mixed shading, and they highlight 130 MPH Wind Resistance Warranty and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Progressively costly alternatives like Duration Max and Premium shingles accompany SuperNail innovation. The individuals who like sunlight based reflecting rooftops can decide on the Duration Premium Cool shingles line. It has every single standard element, and it is Energy Star evaluated. 

Berkshire shingles line is the most costly one. In any case, it offers amazing appearance and better assurance owing to the Algae Resistance Limited Warranty (15 years). These shingles will assist you in offering a novel and rich expression. Characteristic surfaces and hues will impeccably mix with your home’s common encompassing and make a progressively amazing and appealing look.

Regardless of whether you are hoping to say something with your home’s rooftop configuration or simply need to guarantee your rooftop is sound, secure and release free, Owens Corning duration shingles are a great option.

To abstain from material issues, converse with the specialists of at Good News Roofing about your roofing needs. They will assist you in picking the best security for your rooftop, and you will have the option to make the most of its incredible exhibition and appearance for a long time.